Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Sakura ❤ Pink

Thank you for those who have been following T.Size Small and giving me comments.
Every comment makes me smile and everyone of you is amazing! I enjoy reading you guys' blogs too and whenever I leave a comment, the words come from my heart.

I love giving people my opinion about the outfits instead of just saying "amazing" or "pretty". I don't just throw out "nice outfit", "lovely", "love your shoes" randomly then sign my name with the link of my blog underneath and tell people to follow T.Size Small. I provide the link of T.Size Small and you all are more than welcome to visit, but I won't ask people to follow me just because I follow them. 
I think if people enjoy reading my blog and want to keep reading in the future, they will follow it automatically. When I comment on a post, I want the blogger to know that I see him/her as a friend. 
We might share different opinions, but I think this is a good thing because we can come up with new ideas! :) 
Again, thats just the way I do it and I am not trying to offend anyone. Honestly, I cherish everyone who is reading T.Size Small and even leave me comment. 

Thank you for making my day and I promise that T.Size Small will always try its best to share the joy with you all.

What does April remind you of? To me, it reminds me of flowers.
Last weekend I went to see the cherry blossom (Sakura) in Brooklyn, although the weather is still a little bit cold and not all the blossoms have bloomed yet, I was having a good time there.
I can't describe how pretty the flowers are but I think the pictures will tell you about it!

謝謝所有一直有留意和留言給T.Size Small的朋友。你們的每一個意見都讓我很開心。你們真的超棒的!我很喜歡看你們的網誌,而我所寫的每一個留言都是發自真心。

對於衣著打扮,相比起普通的讚賞例如很好看很可愛等等,我會更喜歡說出自己的意見和看法。我不會隨便說「你的衣著很不錯」、「很甜美」、「我很喜歡你的鞋子」,然後就留下我的名字和網誌地址方便大家追蹤我的網誌。我會提供T.Size Small的網誌地址,而且歡迎任何人來瀏覽,可是我不會要求和強迫大家去追蹤我的網誌。我覺得如果大家喜歡閱讀我的網誌並想繼續看下去,你們自然就會追蹤我的網誌。每一次的留言,我都希望網誌的博客可以知道我是視他們為我的朋友。我們或許可以分享不同的意見,但我認為更棒的是我們可以設計出一些更好的想法。

重申,這只是我的行事方式,我不是故意去得罪任何人。說實在的,我珍惜每一個看T.Size Small的朋友和每一個留言。

謝謝你們讓我很快樂。我承諾T.Size Small一定會盡最大的努力和大家分享我的喜悅


XOXO Trace 

Friday, April 19, 2013

D on D! Denim on Denim

Before I came to the USA, I did not like wearing jeans because I just never found them particularly cute to wear. Well, now I wear jeans but I try not to wear them so much. Why?
Not that I still think that jeans are not cute, it is mostly because I don't have a nice butt and I always feel like my thighs are not slim enough for jeans. I guess all girls have their own insecurities and mine are my thighs.
Anyway, I wore denim on denim for a casual weekend. Since it is very causal and plain, I decided to add some spring elements by using accessories :)
Instead of tying the floral headband on my head, I tied it with my bag.
It was a lazy Saturday and I didn't even feel like wearing full makeup. Therefore I was wearing Vegas Volt from M.A.C., which made my look more vibrant.

We all have our lazy moments sometimes but it doesn't mean that we should just look sloppy.
Accessories and makeup are always two of the great ways to make the entire look more chic. Never belittle the power of lip colors because they can change the entire feeling of your look ;)

What is your quick fix when you feel like having a lazy day? 

Bracelets are from : Kmxkm and UniqueSell
Find them on Instagram!

Thank you for  reading <3 I want to particularly thank those who commented on my blog, because they gave me so much motivation. Feel free to drop down comments or questions, and I will always love to
read them, answer them :) Talk soon!

Don't forget to find me on Instagram for more frequent updates: TSIZESMALL

Be bold and stay chic!
Besos, Trace <3

Monday, April 15, 2013

Flowers and Inspiration

I think flowers are one of the most beautiful creatures in the world. They do not only beautify the world with pretty colors, but they also make me and you smile. I cannot count how many times I am inspired by flowers, from fashion to life lesson.

I used to love flower bouquets, but then later I found they flowers do not belong to any vase. To me, they look much prettier and cuter growing on trees, because they are not trapped in a vase.
The other thing is that I usually don't even take a minute to look at the flowers when they are at home, maybe I take their presence for granted? I don't know. However, when I see flowers on the street or in the garden, I usually take my time to look at them, talk to them (Yes sometimes I like talking to plants and I will tell you guys more about that next time ;)) , and take pictures of them.
What do you guys prefer? Flowers in the vase or on the tree?

April is the month for cherry blossoms and I can't wait to see them in person (or should I say in flowers?) ....  I have been waiting and counting days! Please pray for good weather in the coming weekend to any God that you believe, so that I will get to see the cherry blossom!

The weather in NY is still kinda cold and I am so happy that some flowers finally started blooming!

The flowers will eventually bloom as long as they are alive, its just the matter of time. When the right time comes, they will bloom gracefully; all we need is patience and faith. 

Friday, April 12, 2013

Maxi Maxi and Breaky Breaky

Finally the weather is not cold in New York anymore!

How many of you girls love maxi dress or skirt? I do! To be honest with you guys, I don't have long legs and my legs aren't so great, hahaha so I love wearing high waist maxi in order to make me look taller without showing my legs. How do you elongate your legs? Let me know please!

However, it is still windy in New York and the wind makes the weather colder so I still wear my booties :)

By the way, underneath my maxi skirt, I was actually wearing a pair of leggings to keep me warm.
Though my cardigan looks very ordinary, I still love it because it matches most of my clothes and it keeps me warm enough in the spring and the fall :)

I love hats!  I think it completes the outfit and it tells people more about yourself. Since I am short, I don't wear floppy hats because its too big on me and it makes me look even shorter. Thats just my personal preference. If you love big floppy hats and you are tiny, go for it :)

Lately, I have so many papers to write for my classes because its almost the end of the semester.
Sorry for not being able to update frequently, but I will get back to you all and also the comments!
Don't forget that you can follow me on Instagram: TSIZESMALL

Thank you for reading and supporting, because you all keep me motivated to blog!
Love, Trace

Wanna check out food pictures and what I think about it?
Scroll down! ;)

So I went to Sarabeth's for breakfast in Manhattan that day. It was a little bit disappointing, why? Because the Egg Benedict was not as good as I expected. I could have had better Egg Benedict from local small cafes instead. The eggs are good but the english muffins are too thick, the texture is dense, like bread.

My boyfriend ordered an omelet and it was pretty good. However, I am sure that you can get good omelets from elsewhere as well. Service is generally good, except the fact that they made us wait for too long to order.

However, if you enjoy having a nice sitdown in a spacious area, this is a good place :) 

Monday, April 8, 2013

Well suited without a suit ;)

Let me be a little bit blunt here, I don't like wearing suits.
Yes you may argue that some suits are actually very fashionable or chic, which I agree. However, I can't imagine myself wearing suits to work everyday. Why? Because it kills my mood, my creativity, my color sense and even my appetite.
I am not trying to be offensive because I understand that there is a reason to wear suits to work at some places. Its just , I can't see myself wearing it every single day. BLEHHHH

Anyway, going back to my interview.... I am looking for jobs lately because I will graduate in May. I do have suits but I try to avoid wearing them. However, you know the professional impression is still important, so here I am trying to pull off a professional look without wearing suits.

The reason that I am posting this outfit is because it received plenty of compliments and some interviewers did say that they like my pants 8-) Tweed pants/jackets/skirts can always give you a classy look. By the way, I am only 158cm so I love to pair my cropped blazer with high-waist pants because it makes me look taller than I am 8-) By the way, how do you like my statement necklace? Remember when you go to interviews, don't try to look overly accessorized with bangles, dangling earrings, crazy chunky necklaces, or most scary: freaky pointy long nails with weird colors .....

Anyway, I wish you guys best of luck and thank you for reading :)
- XOXO Trace

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Finally... Here is the warmer weather.. kinda

I am not a big fan of hoodies, but I know that many people love wearing hoodies, especially high school and college students. 
To me, hoodies are not fashionable and they are just like uniform to me. Don't get me wrong hoodie lovers, it is just my personal opinion and as long as you feel great about what you are wearing, 
go for it! :)
I still have to give credits to hoodies because they do make our lives easier when we want to dress comfy and super casual.

"So why are you wearing a hoodie in these pictures then?" 
Ok, yes I do wear hoodies! Because I wanted to get comfy :)
However, I picked this hoodie that is made of lace fabric, which makes the outfit look more feminine  and sweet. I also brightened the outfit with a pair of pink eyelet shorts. 
Shorts and hoodies do sound very casual, but since the fabrics and pattern are not just plain cotton, the outfit turned out casual yet trendy.

Oops, am I talking too much this time? Okay let me wrap it up. Hey! Stripe patterns are in this season! I am not a fan of pants with stripe patterns, if you feel the same way yet still wanna wearing something with stripes? Try scarves, bags, shoes! Accessories are much easier to pull off :)

Talk soon! Muah Muah Muah! Thank you for reading!
- Trace

對我來說,HOODIE就像制服一樣,談不上是一件時尚單品。但千萬不要誤會我,因為這只是我的個人意見。如果你十分喜歡hoodies, 自己穿得舒服又開心,穿吧!:)

但是我挑了這件蕾絲hoodie, 它的材質令整個造型女性化,同時我用粉紅色的短褲提亮了造型。短褲和hoodie,聽起來真的很運動型和隨性,


- Trace