Monday, November 18, 2013

Use hoodie to look girly

As I said a long time ago, I am never a hoodie girl. It is understandable that hoodies are comfy but they don't suit my occasions. The only places that you would see me wearing Abercrombie or Hollister hoodie would be in my home, the gym and the grocery store (when I am pushing it). However, some hoodies are exceptional because of the design, the fabric and how they are tailored.

I was wearing this velvet cropped hoodie with lace on the edge, which makes me feel girly and elongates the second half of my body. The fabric of the hoodie always makes a difference, because the velvety texture makes the look more polished and creates a softer tone for the outfit. Unlike wearing simply 100% cotton hoodie that looks worn out after being washed several times. For girls who are petite, cropped top can always create an illusion that your legs are much longer than they actually are.

- Trace <3

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

A Girly Lady in Pink

Its very interesting that what you wear changes how you feel about yourself for the day. When I wear dark lipstick and leather pants, I feel vamp and tough. Fit and flare dresses make me want to have afternoon tea with my besties.