Wednesday, May 29, 2013

I like being loud

I have been super busy because my parents and my sisters came to New York from Hong Kong!
Anyway, sorry for not being able to update! But here we go and lets get started ;)

Summer is approaching but the weather in NY still goes up and down drastically.
I have been bringing my varsity jacket to wherever I go because it is perfect for such weather, not too heavy but thick enough to keep you warm.

If you read my older posts before, you will know that I love studded shirts. But when the shirt has no
studs, I would wear a pin which makes the shirt more embellished.

Black tights might look too heavy for this outfit, so I picked grey in order keep it loud as I always love to do ;) At the end, its all about you yourself because if you don't even feel great about what you wear, you don't look great.


  1. This outfit looks so cute, the brooch is such an eye-catcher and the varsity jacket is a great casual addition - love it :)



  2. YOU LIVE IN NEW YORK?! very envious right now gah, this is such a cute outfit, i am in love with that jacket i love that you're very happy in your pictures! thanks for the comment, definitely following you.

  3. Your skirt is gorgeous! I love the pin you've matched with it too! :)

    Yinyin xx