Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Suit for Suitable

New York is such an interesting place because no matter what you wear, you can always find a place to match with your outfit. Say if you wear a tuxedo or a suit to the lavender field, it doesn't match well right?  Anyway, I just wanna say that NYC is the place that I feel great about whatever I wear.

This shirt dress is perfect for work, interviews, and even fine dining! The dress is perfect for windy weather because the material is a bit heavy, which makes the dress more dropping. The golden buttons make the dress more embellished and it more points for the dress :)))) Agree?

Since I was wearing this outfit to interview, I picked a pair of black bow earrings. Keep the outfit modest. And, say hello to my new ring, welcome to my jewels collection! ;)

I am a city girl because I was born in Hong Kong. I know that some people think that the park in the city is not really considered as a park. Anyway, thank you for reading! <3

xoxo Trace


  1. Love the look so much! :D

    xx MJ

  2. I really like the golden buttons on this dress. They make it dressier and happier!

  3. Thanks ♡
    Oh you look so beautiful, love this pics!

  4. Oh these are such fun photos! So cute. I love your outfit, and I totally know what you mean about NYC!

    Juliette Laura