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Saturday, April 12, 2014

T for Trench Coat ;)

Wow! I cannot believe that spring is finally here because this winter in New York has been way too long. I feel so bad for not being to update my blog regularly but April is such a bad month.... This month is packed with meetings and interviews. Also, I will start a new job soon, yayyy!! Although I am excited to leave the current place, I will miss my team so much because the staffs are the sweetest!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Tweed Shorts

I love tweed fabrics because they always make the outfit look more polished. Its amazing how fabrics can change the entire look of the outfit. For example a cotton skater skirt vs a velvet skater skirt, denim shorts vs tweed shorts. Don't you think? These tweed shorts are great for fall/winter. Some people think that tweed shorts are still shorts, but the fact is, if the material is actually thick enough, they are a lot warmer than regular denim/cotton shorts.
In order to stay slim yet warm in the winter, I always pick warmer material instead of wearing layers of clothes, and here I am wearing cashmere sweater from Quinn

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Winter Floral

Dark colors are always very popular when it comes to winter, especially in New York. However, since I love playing with more colors, I always try to find ways to add some vivid colors on my outfit. This floral embroidered skirt actually goes well with many colors, and here I match it with a black, lace sweater in order to make it more feminine. Meanwhile, the material of the skirt is thick enough to make the outfit look more wintery.