Thursday, September 11, 2014

Silk Paisley Dress - Why Silk?

My mom bought me this MiuMiu dress few years ago, and I still think that this is such a timeless piece. Paisley pattern is always fun and casual to wear, but the fabric of the dress makes it look more elegant and dressy. I grew up in a family that my mom does textile business and my dad does garments business, which contribute to my sensitivity for fashion. Why silk? Keep reading!

Silk has always been one of the most luxurious fabrics because it is natural and it doesn't stick on top of your skin even you are sweating.  Although technology is now very advanced nowadays and people make good quality polyester/tencel, silk can never replaced by silk. Therefore, I always recommend girls to have at least one ready-to-wear item that is made of silk because it can be so versatile, and it feels like the second layer of your skin. Because of its luxurious texture, silk can always add an instant fanciness to your outfit without trying to hard ;)

Since the pattern of the dress is already busy enough, I paired it with my nude heels and a monochromatic bag by MiuMiu. As usual, always ask yourself about who the main character is when you put on an outfit, that way you won't end up looking like an overly embellished X'mas tree ;)

New York Fashion Week just ended and of course I have captured some cool outfits for you guys during fashion week. They will be up on the next post, stay tuned! XOXO

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