Wednesday, October 1, 2014

How to accentuate waist line?

So it has been a while since my fashion week post because my bestie was visiting from Hong Kong, and I was very caught up (Of course in a good way)! Anyway, the weather has dropped and I could feel that summer is leaving us. However, fall is a great season for fashion because the temperature allows you play with many different pieces.....

Some people might not like velvet because it might appear too old-school, but I love velvet! I think it is one of the most elegant textures besides silk. The weather has been a little cooler, so this velvet cropped top is just perfect when I still wanna wear short sleeves top. 

In one of the previous posts, I talked about pairing  bodysuit with high waist bottom pieces in order to accentuate the waist line. Another way is to wear cropped top! Well, you might ask "doesn't cropped top show your belly?"   The answer is, not when you wear high waist bottom pieces! When the bottom piece connects to right where the cropped top stops,  you will be fine. Of course, we always need to take good care of our bodies because sometimes we can only hide so much ;)

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