Sunday, October 19, 2014

A Black Canvas

I always think that putting an outfit together is like painting and decorating. Therefore, first we have to come up with a theme, then we need a good canvas....

New York is getting chilly but I know that plenty of places are still warm enough for this outfit. A plain dress could be a great canvas for the outfit when the color is black or white, which are the easiest colors to match. A black maxi dress could even make other colors stand out more. I love this double slit dress that wraps around my body and gives me a nice silhouette. Since the dress plays the role of a great canvas, I use colorful accessories to add more fun on it.

Some tips for matching accessories with your "canvas"

- Do keep your accessories simple when you have a busy-looking canvas already
- You can do a color blocking between your canvas and accessories, but no more than 3 colors.
- If you want the accessories to pop out more, use complimentary color of the canvas

And these new slip-on shoes are just my new babe! They are very versatile because they could go well with many outfits. Thank you for reading and I look forward to sharing on the next post! Stay tuned :)

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