Saturday, March 30, 2013

Flowers in the dark

Yes, it is spring time. Some people might think that floral patterns are too girlish, some people would love to wear something with floral patterns but they have to dress formally in the office.
No worries girls! You can wear a shirt with floral printing on it. Like the shirt that I am wearing here, you see flowers blooming from the collar, cuff and the front. If you want to wear it to work, wear a blazer! Even a black blazer would work because it will make the floral pattern more prominent :) 

If you wanna get more attention, try a crimson or burgundy blazer!
Since I was just chilling with my cool friend in Manhattan that day, I wore the shirt with a peacoat and a pair of high waist shorts to elongate my legs, who doesn't wanna have longer legs? ;)
I give so much credit to my shoes because they are so sparkly and they walked with me all day!


Does it look like I was about to fall? HAHA I almost tripped!

At the end, of course it is food time! want some pasta?

Shirt - Urban Outfitters
Coat - Forever 21
Shoes - 6pm
Earrings - ModCloth

Monday, March 25, 2013

Saturday afternoon and FOOD!

I am a scarf lover.... because a scarf can make an entire outfit look different. 

Since spring is here yet the weather is still cold in New York, I am using my new scarf to add some spring elements to my "black-out" outfit... :) Also, my hat is a must when the weather gets too windy.

See the difference here? Told you! A scarf does make a difference! :) Sometimes you don't need so much money to buy new clothes, because inexpensive accessories can be very helpful in polishing bland outfits.

There it was! Finally got to try some sushi from Sushi Mike's! They do make good sushi...
However, if you are a big fan of authentic Japanese sushi, I would not recommend this restaurant...

1. The chefs are CHINESE
2. They don't use Japanese rice to make sushi
3. The texture of the rice is not "al dente" enough

However, if you are not very picky and you love sushi in general, it is a great sushi place.

Ahha! Then I found my favorite childhood chocolate in H-Mart! <3 love it as I always did!
What do you think that they look like? boobies? LOL jkjk

Bye! Have a good rest of the week people! If I don't get to write a new post by easter again, 

- Trace

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Cozy, Warm, Pastel, three in one.... outfit!

Hello lovely people!

Spring is here but New York is still cold, what should I do if I wanna be matchy matchy with the spring yet staying warm?

Here I am wearing my minty green angora sweater, my wool blend varsity jacket and beret!
Since it is an oversize sweater, I can wear at least 3 layers of clothes underneath without looking bulky.
Usually I like to wear shirt or polo shirt underneath my sweater in order to give me a preppy look.
If you have any polo shirt or shirt that you don't wanna wear, don't throw it away because the collar could enhance your outfit!

Spring is such a beautiful season and I look forward to see the cherry blossom in April this year!
Is there anything particular that you will do in the spring? let me know!
As you might have read my previous post, I mentioned that I was in Ukraine.
Yes finally I am back in New York after three flights X_X hahaha it wasn't that bad tho because I gotta stay in Frankfurt for a day.

Ukraine is a very beautiful and interesting country, and I love the city Lviv quite a lot.
Pictures speak more than words sometimes, so I will upload the pictures when I was Ukraine soon, so please stay tuned!

- Trace

Thursday, March 14, 2013

A day for Lady M Cafe in NYC.... cake

mmmmmm...... do you want some?

Thank you Uniquesell for the bracelets, if you guys like the bracelets, look up Uniquesell on Instagram!

I am so glad that I made it to Lady M finally because it had been a while ever since somebody told me about it!
The greentea crepe cake was totally amazing and it is the best cake I have had so far, well, lets put it this way: it is my favorite cake so far!
The other one was banana creme cake (I think this is the right name, not sure), and it is so so so good too! I love the fact that the cream doesn't taste so heavy and disgust. It was light, soft, fluffy and delicious of course. 
I spent a great morning with someone I love so much and it was a wonderful time. 

This was my outfit for that day, easy and walkable, yet classy!
Who said that walking in the city has to be flats and jeans?
As long as you wear a pair of comfy heels or booties, you can rock NYC honey ;)

Alrightie people, I am currently in Ukraine so I am not able to show you guys so much about the adorable M Cafe but I promise that more pictures will be up after I go back next week. 
Have a good one and thank you for visiting Tsizesmall! <3 Muah!

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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Layers of clothes in the cold

I love to bundle up in the cold and thats why I think it is super important to layer our clothes piece by piece in the right way. Light --> thick --> Light....

Speaking of the cold weather, I will be leaving for Ukraine tomorrow and it is freezing there!
Of course, I will let you guys know how my trip was when I am back.
How do you guys keep yourself warm in the cold? Please let me know your secret!

I love my pants because they keep my legs warm and slim even though they are patterned!
Honestly, I used to hate pattern pants because they make me look fat. However, this pair of pants from the GAP just fit me so well without squishing my butt (which is already kinda flat).
I love my bag and I have had it since I was in 8th grade, yes! 8th grade 8-) 
The size is perfect and it holds a lot of stuff.

Anyway, I am sleepy after a long day, gotta pass out in bed.
Stay warm everyone, chat soon! xoxo


Monday, March 4, 2013

To love or to hate winter?

I love winter because I can wear fuzzy hat, beanie, wool-blend hat, boots, coats.. and blah blah blah 
I hate winter because its cold, windy, melting snow.... 
However, NYC somewhat makes me love winter a bit more because I see the matchy matchiness between Manhattan and winter... cold and stern almost

Yes, wool-blend hat is my must have item for winter because it completes my outfit.
This outfit is perfect for me to run errands yet still look classy, especially my booties!
If you need to run errands all day but still be able to wear heels, try those with thicker heels.

I am glad that there were not many cars on the road at that moment, which gave me just enough time to take some quick shots. After a few minutes... "BEEP----- BEEP----" LOL

kk, long day and see you all again soon!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Rocking my fuzzy hat and red lipstick!

I know it has been said so many times by many people,
but I gotta say this again!
"Red lipstick is the best when you are feeling lazy yet something attractive on your face"
The lipstick is from Bite Beauty- Pomegranate (cherry red)
Winter is too gloomy, pale and sad, so I do need a pop of color.

My friend got me this fuzzy hat from H&M last year and I am in loooove with it!
It keeps me warm and perfect for my lazy hair day.

On your left, I am wearing braided bracelet from Uniqueselle!
Love the color, so much fun! Check out Uniqueselle on Instagram!
On your right, thats from my unbiological twin, she got it for my 18th birthday <3

At the end, the shirt, the sweater and the rustic red shorts are from Forever21!Voila! 
Best of luck for the first week of March!