Monday, March 4, 2013

To love or to hate winter?

I love winter because I can wear fuzzy hat, beanie, wool-blend hat, boots, coats.. and blah blah blah 
I hate winter because its cold, windy, melting snow.... 
However, NYC somewhat makes me love winter a bit more because I see the matchy matchiness between Manhattan and winter... cold and stern almost

Yes, wool-blend hat is my must have item for winter because it completes my outfit.
This outfit is perfect for me to run errands yet still look classy, especially my booties!
If you need to run errands all day but still be able to wear heels, try those with thicker heels.

I am glad that there were not many cars on the road at that moment, which gave me just enough time to take some quick shots. After a few minutes... "BEEP----- BEEP----" LOL

kk, long day and see you all again soon!

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