Sunday, March 3, 2013

Rocking my fuzzy hat and red lipstick!

I know it has been said so many times by many people,
but I gotta say this again!
"Red lipstick is the best when you are feeling lazy yet something attractive on your face"
The lipstick is from Bite Beauty- Pomegranate (cherry red)
Winter is too gloomy, pale and sad, so I do need a pop of color.

My friend got me this fuzzy hat from H&M last year and I am in loooove with it!
It keeps me warm and perfect for my lazy hair day.

On your left, I am wearing braided bracelet from Uniqueselle!
Love the color, so much fun! Check out Uniqueselle on Instagram!
On your right, thats from my unbiological twin, she got it for my 18th birthday <3

At the end, the shirt, the sweater and the rustic red shorts are from Forever21!Voila! 
Best of luck for the first week of March! 

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