Thursday, March 14, 2013

A day for Lady M Cafe in NYC.... cake

mmmmmm...... do you want some?

Thank you Uniquesell for the bracelets, if you guys like the bracelets, look up Uniquesell on Instagram!

I am so glad that I made it to Lady M finally because it had been a while ever since somebody told me about it!
The greentea crepe cake was totally amazing and it is the best cake I have had so far, well, lets put it this way: it is my favorite cake so far!
The other one was banana creme cake (I think this is the right name, not sure), and it is so so so good too! I love the fact that the cream doesn't taste so heavy and disgust. It was light, soft, fluffy and delicious of course. 
I spent a great morning with someone I love so much and it was a wonderful time. 

This was my outfit for that day, easy and walkable, yet classy!
Who said that walking in the city has to be flats and jeans?
As long as you wear a pair of comfy heels or booties, you can rock NYC honey ;)

Alrightie people, I am currently in Ukraine so I am not able to show you guys so much about the adorable M Cafe but I promise that more pictures will be up after I go back next week. 
Have a good one and thank you for visiting Tsizesmall! <3 Muah!

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