Wednesday, May 29, 2013

I like being loud

I have been super busy because my parents and my sisters came to New York from Hong Kong!
Anyway, sorry for not being able to update! But here we go and lets get started ;)

Summer is approaching but the weather in NY still goes up and down drastically.
I have been bringing my varsity jacket to wherever I go because it is perfect for such weather, not too heavy but thick enough to keep you warm.

If you read my older posts before, you will know that I love studded shirts. But when the shirt has no
studs, I would wear a pin which makes the shirt more embellished.

Black tights might look too heavy for this outfit, so I picked grey in order keep it loud as I always love to do ;) At the end, its all about you yourself because if you don't even feel great about what you wear, you don't look great.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Suit for Suitable

New York is such an interesting place because no matter what you wear, you can always find a place to match with your outfit. Say if you wear a tuxedo or a suit to the lavender field, it doesn't match well right?  Anyway, I just wanna say that NYC is the place that I feel great about whatever I wear.

This shirt dress is perfect for work, interviews, and even fine dining! The dress is perfect for windy weather because the material is a bit heavy, which makes the dress more dropping. The golden buttons make the dress more embellished and it more points for the dress :)))) Agree?

Since I was wearing this outfit to interview, I picked a pair of black bow earrings. Keep the outfit modest. And, say hello to my new ring, welcome to my jewels collection! ;)

I am a city girl because I was born in Hong Kong. I know that some people think that the park in the city is not really considered as a park. Anyway, thank you for reading! <3

xoxo Trace

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Another Tweed

Can you believe that the weather feels like fall although it is already mid May?
Its okay, at least it gave me a chance to wear my other favorite tweed jacket.
I love wearing embellished or studded shirts because they give more fun to the outfits!
By the way, my graduation is coming and I am very excited, especially because my mom and sister will fly to New York from Hong Kong to visit me. What should I wear for my graduation? I know my gown will cover my outfit but hey I can always take it off for pictures! Suggestion? ;)

I have been in the USA for 6 years. It doesn't sound like a long time comparing to other people who have been in this country for years. However, these significant 6 years make me lose and gain many things. I have become more independent and caring to other people. My English is not yet perfect but it has been better. Well, at least I don't sound like Chinese when I speak English. 

However, I lost the time that I could have spent with my family and girlfriends. When I first came to the USA, my younger sister just started junior high, and now she finished high school. I missed being there for there in these 6 years.
Anyway, I don't know what to say, I am just trying hard to keep the bonds strong although I am far.
But, as you know, I know and we all know that any kind of relationship cannot be built and maintained by just one person.

Thank you for reading everyone, and I hope you all have a wonderful day.
XOXO Trace

Friday, May 10, 2013

Short Shorts

How are you all doing?
Ahha! Good news is that I finished my finals and I can dedicate more time to the blog!
Recently the weather is finally getting warmer and I can wear my shorts! YAY!
However, the wind makes the weather colder so I still have to wear long sleeves to keep myself warm.
Here I am wear pink stripes sweater from Forever 21 and a pair of high waist shorts from UrbanOutfitters. 
The earrings and necklace are from my girlfriends, so I don't know where they bought them.  

To be honest, its hard to consider them as my best friends because we grew up together and we have know each other for almost ten years, so they are like sisters to me. I don't know about you guys, but usually all my favorite jewels and accessories are from my girls instead of my boyfriend. 

Hahaha, I still love what my boyfriend bought me and I will show you guys next time.
Anyway, my girls know what I like and know what I love, especially they are girls and they understand.  For guys, I mean, unless you train them, or it is very difficult for them to buy the cutest jewels or accessories. Do you guys have the same issue? I have learned how to get used to it. However, guys know where to get you electronical devices, or anything that is not related to fashion. My amazing boyfriend bought me a Macbook Air for my birthday and I was so happy!

Both my girls and my boyfriend mean so much to me. Without them, this blog would not have been created. Anyway, have a good weekend everyone! 

xoxo Trace

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Black on Black

Phew! I am finally done with my papers and have one more final exam to go!
Lately I have been wearing black and nude colors , don't ask me why but I just feel like it, haha :)
Since black could be very boring sometimes, so I curled my hair and wear a statement necklace.
I love how the necklace helped me to add the pop of color to my outfit.
By the way, good news for girls who want a better looking butt! 
The Always Skinny Skimmer Jeans from GAP are super comfy and slimming!
They really make you have a butt! My butt is very flat and I really don't have lean legs, but these jeans are just beyond amazing! 
I got them when they were on sale and I only paid 9USD! Cheap right? I know.
If you can remember, I wore these pants before ;) Although they are printed with patterns, they are very easygoing.... Yes I mean they are very easy to match with the tops I have. → click here

See you next time and thank you very much for reading lovelies!
xoxo Trace <3

Ooops! See the train? ;)

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Floral dress in the flowers

First of all, thank you for all the comments! Thank you so much!
Sorry that I didn't get to reply to them because finals and research papers are driving me crazy,
but I did read all of them and I promise things will get back on track starting next week.
I don't know if you guys remember the tweed jacket that I wore in the previous post,
but anyway, scroll down to the bottom and you will see some of the closeup!
Hahaha, I am in love with my romper so I just wanna do a quick recap before I introduce my other outfit.

I love dresses, especially skater dress because it is cute and flattering.
Dresses are very easy to match! For a floral dress, I usually pair a bag that
shares one of the colors on my dress instead of adding accessories on top of it.
I love arm candies but it is very difficult for me to find the right ones,
because my wrists are very small :( Therefore, I collect earrings! Next time maybe I should blog about my earrings collection!

Since I am not tall, here is the quick tip for girls who wanna look taller! Wear stockings that share the same hue with your shoes, they can be in different shades but try to keep them similar.
That way, you can elongate your legs ;)

Anyway, I gotta go because I still have to finish the last few pages of my paper.
Make sure that you share some ideas with me if you have any!
Let me know how you are doing and feel free to drop any questions <3

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XOXO Trace