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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Layers of clothes in the cold

I love to bundle up in the cold and thats why I think it is super important to layer our clothes piece by piece in the right way. Light --> thick --> Light....

Speaking of the cold weather, I will be leaving for Ukraine tomorrow and it is freezing there!
Of course, I will let you guys know how my trip was when I am back.
How do you guys keep yourself warm in the cold? Please let me know your secret!

I love my pants because they keep my legs warm and slim even though they are patterned!
Honestly, I used to hate pattern pants because they make me look fat. However, this pair of pants from the GAP just fit me so well without squishing my butt (which is already kinda flat).
I love my bag and I have had it since I was in 8th grade, yes! 8th grade 8-) 
The size is perfect and it holds a lot of stuff.

Anyway, I am sleepy after a long day, gotta pass out in bed.
Stay warm everyone, chat soon! xoxo


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