Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Cozy, Warm, Pastel, three in one.... outfit!

Hello lovely people!

Spring is here but New York is still cold, what should I do if I wanna be matchy matchy with the spring yet staying warm?

Here I am wearing my minty green angora sweater, my wool blend varsity jacket and beret!
Since it is an oversize sweater, I can wear at least 3 layers of clothes underneath without looking bulky.
Usually I like to wear shirt or polo shirt underneath my sweater in order to give me a preppy look.
If you have any polo shirt or shirt that you don't wanna wear, don't throw it away because the collar could enhance your outfit!

Spring is such a beautiful season and I look forward to see the cherry blossom in April this year!
Is there anything particular that you will do in the spring? let me know!
As you might have read my previous post, I mentioned that I was in Ukraine.
Yes finally I am back in New York after three flights X_X hahaha it wasn't that bad tho because I gotta stay in Frankfurt for a day.

Ukraine is a very beautiful and interesting country, and I love the city Lviv quite a lot.
Pictures speak more than words sometimes, so I will upload the pictures when I was Ukraine soon, so please stay tuned!

- Trace


  1. These are all my favorite colors! And I love your shoes!

    1. awww!!! thanks girl!!! we share the same favorite colors! <3 best friends!