Monday, March 25, 2013

Saturday afternoon and FOOD!

I am a scarf lover.... because a scarf can make an entire outfit look different. 

Since spring is here yet the weather is still cold in New York, I am using my new scarf to add some spring elements to my "black-out" outfit... :) Also, my hat is a must when the weather gets too windy.

See the difference here? Told you! A scarf does make a difference! :) Sometimes you don't need so much money to buy new clothes, because inexpensive accessories can be very helpful in polishing bland outfits.

There it was! Finally got to try some sushi from Sushi Mike's! They do make good sushi...
However, if you are a big fan of authentic Japanese sushi, I would not recommend this restaurant...

1. The chefs are CHINESE
2. They don't use Japanese rice to make sushi
3. The texture of the rice is not "al dente" enough

However, if you are not very picky and you love sushi in general, it is a great sushi place.

Ahha! Then I found my favorite childhood chocolate in H-Mart! <3 love it as I always did!
What do you think that they look like? boobies? LOL jkjk

Bye! Have a good rest of the week people! If I don't get to write a new post by easter again, 

- Trace

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