Thursday, February 28, 2013

Let's color the gloomy weather

This is an outfit for me to run errands, do grocery shopping, chill out with some unimportant (haha just kidding, don't freak out when you see me wearing this to meet you) 

Varsity-like jacket, I love the brown leather sleeves because it instantly makes the outfit look more chic.
Rocking the jacket with my spiky purse and my leather boots from Enzo <3

Gloomy weather sucks because it makes me lazy, so this is when I need some bright colors!
Many thanks to my friend Sammie who lent me such a cute beanie ;-) thanks Sam!


I used to stick with only one style before, which is classy, girly, pastel, pink, lace, blah blah blah blah... you know what kind of style I am talking about. (yawning)
Because I felt like other styles might not fit me that well or "mehhhh I hate other styles"

But then lately I do enjoy trying different kinds of pieces, being bold and creative.
Just because it is not your style, does not mean that you will look ugly with it.
Sometimes, its not about whether it is your style or not but how you put them together.

Anyway, its midnight, bed time, dream time.... 
gotta pass out in bed and be ready for Friday!

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