Friday, February 15, 2013

Layers for the winter and....FOOD

Unlike people who live on the west coast or places that are warm year round, sometimes I can understand why people have to bundle up like a bear because ....
seriously, it is freezing in New York! 
there are still many ways to stay chic in the cold weather and 
it is all about how you manage the layers of your clothes.

Coat and pants - Zara,
Vest - Urban Outfitters
Sweater - U2 ladies
Shirt - Forever 21
Boots - ModCloth

Spot it! Cha An in St. Marks! One of my favorite places to hang out in NYC!
Legit Japanese mochi and it tastes ... mmmmm.... DELICIOUS!
Of course they have many other desserts too! 
Don't forget to bring cash when you go there because .... cash only :)

Last but not least, nice plum wine drink from Sake Bar Decibel 8-)

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