Monday, February 18, 2013

Love and Need

Yes I agree that women should be independent and men should be as well.
But how do you define independent besides being able to take care of yourself?
Although we can all be independent, there must be things that we need from somebody.

To be honest, we all can be alone when we have to and don't forget the fact that we are all single before we start a relationship. Therefore, what put two people together is not only love but also certain need.
Some people think that love doesn't need a reason but I think that love has to come from something.
Sometimes, need makes love more profound because one's need could be satisfied by another. 
We are all different people and our needs are all different; thus we want to be with the people we love and those people can satisfy our particular need.

Men don't understand why women can be annoyed of little things and why women would need them to do certain things yet they could actually do it on their own.
Yes, women could do everything on their own just like men do. 

However, when a woman makes silly request such as .... a kiss when she is annoyed, a hug when she is stressed, a cupcake when her sweet tooth is growing... etc etc etc
its because she needs her man's particular attention.
She doesn't do that to other guys or other people because she only wants him and he is the most suitable person who could put a smile on her face by doing silly things or trifles.
And because a woman's special needs could be satisfied by a man, her love for him goes deeper and he is the only one that she wants to be with.

If one day she doesn't ask for kisses and hugs, she doesn't need you to comfort her when she is upset because she can do it on her own, she doesn't get annoyed of little things, she doesn't care about morning kisses, she doesn't care about whether you have time for her .......
which means that she can live without your presence and you are no longer the special one who could put a smile on her face by doing little things anymore.

One day, if your kiss doesn't make her smile anymore, its the time that she should leave.
Because she loves you, every little thing you do for her makes her happy because she knows that you are doing it for her and only her at the moment.
She loves you and therefore you are needed.
However, when her needs are rejected or when you belittle her needs,
she will learn the lesson and stop asking.
One day she becomes able to cheer herself up and find another way to make herself feel better,
its the time that her man is not who she wants to be with.

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