Saturday, February 23, 2013

I dare you to walk in the cold

I know it is freezing but sometimes walking in the cold could be interesting....
hey, if you don't know how 32 degrees F or 0 degrees C feels, you can't fall in love with the sun 8-)
Faux leather and faux fur are my winter must-have items, because they are not from animals.
And, I am not a big fan of wearing animal skin, yak! Imagine wearing human skin? WOW!

One of the reasons that I love faux leather or  any shinny fabric is because of the blooming effect...
maybe that is because of my obsession with angelic image? hmmmm
you know how angels are always so shinny and they are always glowing? 
HAHAHA enough of my silliness :P

It's the end of February but you know the winter is not over yet, so please stay warm.
Love keeps you warm so stop hating (Well, in case you are) bye! <3

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