Saturday, February 16, 2013

Lets brighten the gloomy winter..... want some pink?

I know.. I know, everybody wears 
black, charcoal, dark brown, dark green, dark blue coat in the winter...
When you are waiting for you friends in the crowd and if you are short, 
then sometimes your friend might think that you are swamped.
If it has never happened to you, lucky! Well, it happened to me for several times.
Here it is, I am wearing magenta sweater, red down jacket and rusty pink bag...
do the dark eye circles bother you so much sometimes because of lacking sleep?
this is the time we need eyeliner and black frame glasses the most!

See how the blue polka dots collar toned down the bright pink tone?
Bazinga! its not a collar yet its a head band!
So you can tuck that or scarf inside the sweater to create a fake layer ;-)

Colors are fun because they brighten your day and they people who see you happy!
Happy Saturday and stay warm!

Cupcakes from Magnolia Bakery..... mmmmm.... its the taste of happiness!

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