Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The best t-shirt revelation....

I was looking for the best t-shirt for a while and finally I found the best one. Some of you might think that t-shirts are everywhere, or question whats so hard about finding one. The fact is, a good t-shirt actually feels like your second skin and it could be super versatile.  Here is the my best tee recommendation...

Here I am wearing a black t-shirt from MUJI. Although it looks like one of those tees that you could get elsewhere, but this one feels like my second skin. Most importantly, the fabric is not too thin so it doesn't look cheap, and it is padded. Yes, you can wear no bras under this tee without showing your nipples ;) The pads are also removable when you prefer wearing bras. How amazing is that?
Other brands that I will suggest are: J.Crew, MadeWell and Alexander Wang

Since the outfit is basically just black and white, I was wearing M.A.C. - Ruby Woo ,which adds a pop of red and instantly brighten my look although I only had eyeliner.

I have always loved bright colors and I used to hate black and white. Maybe because of life experiences and living New York, I started to adapt black and white from last year. Interestingly, I started to incorporate black and white in my outfit after I graduated from college. One of my close friends told me that mind changes outfit style,  your outfit reflects how you are. Maybe sometimes we try to be someone else by putting on a different outfit, but there are inevitable details that can speak who you are.

Thank you for reading and if there is any question, ASK AWAY! :)

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