Thursday, August 28, 2014

Dreamy Green - A new shopping place..

Although I love designers' pieces, I also love small boutiques with great quality pieces. Many famous brands take advantage of their big names, and try to make more money by lowering the qualities or cutting corners. Therefore, it is always important for us to always check the quality before making a purchase. Keeping reading and find out my new favorite brand!

I got this beautiful dress from 7115 by Szeki and it is very versatile. It could be dressed for most occasions, depends on the accessories. The two different fabrics complements each other, and the pleated back gives more volume to the dress. This cutting and design of this dress are enough to make a statement, so I keep all the accessories simple. Sometimes, when we want to look effortless yet chic, a statement dress will be a great idea. 

I met Szeki in person three times, and she is very sweet! The store is very adorable and comfy. What I love about going to the store is that the lighting is great because they use natural sunlight, that way you know how the outfit will look like in natural light. Szeki is very helpful and she is never pushy to customers. In case you guys are interested, here is the website:

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