Friday, August 8, 2014

Style pink and shopping tips ;)

Some girls think that once they hit certain age, pink will no longer be the color that they should wear. However, I don't agree because its all about how you style your outfit with pink elements.
When you wear a pink dress with white polka dots, a pink headband and pink heels. Of course anyone would think that this is way too much, even little girls nowadays wouldn't wear that so often.
When I wear pink, I always try to match it with neutral colors, or mix it in a unisex outfit; that way, it won't look too girlish. For more shopping tips, keep on reading ;)

Here I am wear a pair of pink jeans with striped chambray. Its summer time, so I want something easy yet chic. The heels are very Valentino inspired, and they are from Sam Edelman. Whenever I go shopping, I always think about what I have at home and what is the base color of my clothes in general. That way, I can buy something that will always match with most of my clothes in the closet. For example, if you tend to have many items in brown, and you see a pair of gorgeous purple jeans, then you may have to ask yourself: 

What pieces I have at home will go well with these? 
Can I pair these jeans with many items at home?
Is that worth it to spend that much money on this jeans yet I have to purchase another top just to match with these jeans?
How often will I be able to wear these? 
Are these something that will never go out of trend?

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