Saturday, December 28, 2013

Casual Weekend

Woah! Cannot believe that it has been a long time since my last post because I have been very busy lately! Yes, besides my full-time stylist job, I was also working on a TV show called "Your Story, My Song", it has been aired and thank you for watching if any of you did. If you didn't, please feel free to click Your Story, My Song and you will see all the information, episodes. It is very inspiring because it talks about how immigrants in NYC became entrepreneurs at the end.

The weather has dropped so much in New York and it makes me miss Hong Kong a lot. But I also love the cold weather because I get more opportunities to wear head pieces. This angora ear muffs/headband is super cute and comfy!! No matter how much I am bundled up, I still feel cold when my ears are freezing! When I want to be loud, I match blue with yellow. But sometimes I need to bring it down a little, so I pair blue with grey. This sweatshirt dress is from Sparkle & Fade, which reminds me of Alexander Wang's collection from the past season. Since it is very basic, I cannot wait to add more layers and to style it next time :)

Thank you so much for reading <3 Stay tuned!
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