Sunday, September 22, 2013

Circle Dress with Plain Tee

High-waist circle skirts are one of my favorite apparel items because they make me look taller and cover my not-so-thin thighs ;) Again, like I always do, I try to contain my outfit within three colors.
For a skirt that has a pattern and multiple colors, I prefer keeping the top simple and neat so that I don't look like a mess.

For girls who are petite, really try to stay chic and simple. Also, try to avoid big, crazy patterns and especially big hats, big bags because they will make you look extra tiny. I always make sure my purse is small but big enough to carry all my makeup products, money and phone.

Thank you for reading people and have a productive week.
I know that autumn has started and many people love the pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks, but keep in mind that it has so much sugar in it. Stay chic and fit for the fall ;)


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  1. Classic plain tee can fits all kinds of skirts or shorts. I have more than 10 this kind of tees with different colors in closet. ^_~