Monday, September 30, 2013

Open Ended CD Release Party

I know that I should have posted this a while ago but lately things were keeping me occupied and I was trying to keep you guys updated about fashion week.

Last month I went to see a jazz band, Open Ended, CD release party with my date at the Kitano Hotel. It was such a good night and the band played very well. In case you are interested in Jazz, click here to check out their website! 

Since the dress is embellished enough, I kept my shoes and purses simple by keeping them within the same color tone of the dress. For me, an outfit is like a movie, you have the plot, the main characters, supporting characters, sound effects and etc for a movie. When it comes to styling an outfit, first you think about the occasion, the statement piece, the accessories, the hairdo and the makeup. My advice is to think about which pieces should stand out the most and what you would do to make them pop more by using other great pieces to complete the entire look.

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  1. I love the colors of this dress-- it looks great on you!