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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Easy, Simple, Casual

Although I love going out, eating out and making plans for weekends, I also enjoy chilling in a cafe and reading. However, just because you are not walking in the city all day, doesn't mean that you should look like you just rolled out of bed. I love white tees, but I also love it when a tee has a nice print or embellishment on it.

Since I am just wearing a t-shirt and shorts, I like to play with more accessories and prefer to have something fun on my t-shirt. For petite girls, I recommend you to try on Zara Girls because they are cheaper and even more adorable sometimes! I got this t-shirt from Zara Girls and it fits me perfectly, very comfortable and adorable.

By the way, Tim Cantor has been my favorite artist lately and his paintings are beyond amazing. There are many talented artists out there, yet being able to find an exceptional one who is able to resonate with how you feel is very rare. When I ran into his gallery in San Diego, my heart felt like it almost missed a beat. His paintings are not only exquisite but he is able to illustrate what has been in my mind. Long story short, if you would love to see his artwork, please do look up Tim Cantor.

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  1. Cute casual outfit!!! This cafe looks so pretty and cosy!!