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Friday, October 11, 2013

Hello High Low Dress

I was never a fan of high low dress because I feel like it is designed for people who have long and nice legs. However, I found this dress in Urban Outfitters and fell in love with the colors. Lilac and blue-ish purple with ruffle, so dreamy and flattering. If you read my previous post (click here), you would have seen me wearing a cross-body bag and here I used it as a clutch instead. 

If you have a small cross-body bag, try to use it as a clutch! I have a budget for myself, so I try to utilize what I have and make the most out of it instead of splashing money on whatever I desire.

These pictures were taken at Love Park in Philadelphia in case you guys are wondering. Sometimes I just need to be away from New York although I love NYC so much. For the hairdo, if you want to show off your collar bone, tie up your hair. Wanna have a breezy look? Put your hair down :)

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  1. So so so pretty!! Really love your outfit and your shoes are stunning :) love this post and your blog is great! :)

    Btw, I liked your Facebook page! I hope you life back, dear <3