Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Flower Power

Besides floral patterns, I also love floral embellishment on my outfit. This top is so adorable because of its big flower and it shows my collarbone. In order to match with the top, I picked a pair of white flowers earrings. I usually avoid wearing booties when I wear a dress or a skirt because it visually cuts off the length of my legs. But when I wear jeans or pants, I definitely wear booties because they elongate my legs instead.

When people talk about the sexy parts of a body, they always think of breasts, butt or the S silhouette. However, I think collarbones could make a woman look very sexy without looking trashy. To me, being sexy is not about showing cleavage or having a perky butt. Sexiness comes from the inside, which carries elegance, wisdom, a mature mindset and a kind heart.

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