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Friday, October 25, 2013

Double Slit Maxi Dress

Everyone loves maxi dress, especially those who don't have long legs like me :P  Maxi dress is such a perfect piece to make you look taller than you actually are. Here I am wearing the maxi dress from Mink Pink and the double slit makes it easy for me to walk briskly because I can even make a split in this dress :D 

Sometimes wearing maxi dress can be tricky because of two problems:
1. The hem is too constrictive and it doesn't allow you to take big steps when you are in a hurry.
2. The dress is too long and you tend to trip yourself when you step on the hem.

Therefore, whenever I purchase a maxi dress, I always have to make sure that the dress is fit and flare, yet the length is long enough for me to walk without stepping on the hem. 
You can find me in maxi dress by clicking here and here

Do you guys have any preference for maxi dress? Comment below or email to let me know!
The fall is coming, be excited for more fall outfits and stay warm! 

XOXO Trace

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