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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Black and White

Surprisingly, New York is not too cold yet although half of October is gone. Thank god that the weather is still warm enough during the day. In fall and winter, I usually prefer ox blood color lipstick or fierce look. Many people think that I am a girly girl because of all the colorful dresses and skirts that I wear, but sometimes I do enjoy wearing t-shirt and denim shorts.

Here I have my recent favorite "No guts no glory" t-shirt and stripe denim shorts. Since this look is rather casual, I dressed it up a little bit by wearing my python pattern heels. In order to create a tough girl image :P , I always picked up the "Fearless" and spiky bracelets.

Just because you have a certain style doesn't mean that you cannot pull out another style. I think that it is more important to keep trying because it will give you more inspiration to enhance your own style. Some people think that fashion is just about materialism but it is actually a form of art if you can bring it up to another level.

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