Saturday, January 25, 2014

Beaded Love and Inspirations

I always avoid black and white because I love bright colors, but sometimes black and white could be fun! Besides using different fabrics to style black and white like I did in this post (click here ) , this time I found a beaded and embroidery top which has a touch of baroque pattern. This is usually my shopping outfit, comfy, girly and easy!

Lately I have been swamped because of work, side jobs and ... hahahaha an addictive Japanese anime called "Glass Mask", which talks about how a girl is so passionate for acting and her journey of becoming a successful actress. I know that it might sound silly because it is an anime, but some anime are meant for adults and they could be very inspiring. Just like when people say that we can find inspiration from children! There are so many times that I was inspired or encouraged by the most ordinary things.

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  1. loving the detail on your sweater